Thursday, 26 May 2011

So what's the problem?

Ok, so.... I've started my demons project. I'm not gonna post any pictures until it's finished, and I can't give too much away either, 'cos it's real easy to get your ideas knicked, and also it would be really easy to talk myself out of finishing it. It doesn't help that I've taken on some commission work at the same time, although it's for a mate so it's not too bad. I've agreed to paint his whole Cryx army for him, starting with Epic Skarre, which is a cooool model. Luckily, because I have two of her, I'm painting two at the same time, so one of them will hit ebay at high speed. Should finish them tomorrow 'cos I'm on holiday, so I'll hopefully get photos up this weekend.

Anyway, the demons thing. I wasn't going to do it. I felt that last year was luck, and I didn't want to put myself through this shit again. Games Day was a really stressful day for me; that probably sounds stupid, but I've wanted to win a trophy since I was 14, and had only really put my mind to it in the last couple of years. I am not a GREAT painter; I can be good, when I really try, but frankly I've got too much stuff going on at once to really be able to put the time in. I'm a musician and a writer too, and my different interests fight each other all the time, in a tag team match of death. Tickets are available.

Another problem is GW. I'm not sure I like them very much. Don't get me wrong; they have some beautiful models, some games I like, I read the fiction, yadda yadda, but the corporate air they have now sets my teeth on edge. It's easy to let the rose-tinted specs of nostalgia fool you into thinking the past was better, but the old-school GW from the late eighties WAS a nicer company to deal with as a consumer than they are now, in my opinion. I thought they had been turning it around lately, but two things have changed my mind: 1, the price hikes, and 2, the Golden Demon Winners Open Day.
I'll talk about that tomorrow.

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