Saturday, 4 June 2011

Stuff I've done, stuff to sell, let's make a deal...

Ok, so I've finished Skarre - I did two at the same time, one has gone to it's pleased owner, and the other one has gone straight on Ebay, along with a few other things. None of this stuff is Golden Demon or 'Eavy Metal standard - it's all tabletop stuff, and part of the process of clearing down the huge backlog of stuff I've got upstairs, in what is trepidatiously referred to as 'The Geek Room'; a dangerous, tragic place where all the stuff I shouldn't have bought but did anyway sits in boxes, sending out waves of accusation and guilt. I'm trying to reduce the number of projects I've got to work on, and make a bit of money because I'm utterly busted at the moment. At one point I had enough to play a 35 Point game at least of every faction in Warmachine and Hordes. This is deeply crazy, and I've started shifting it all. Considering focusing on Retribution and Cygnar for Warmachine (although I FUCKING LOVE my Amon list, will probably keep that but not buy anymore Menoth). For Hordes it's Circle and Skorne... my Legion army is finished, I've got getting on toward 75 points totally painted, to a not-bad standard. My Khador, Cryx and Mercs are all gonna go, some of it at the Bring and Buy at Phalanx this month.
Here's some pics:

I realise none of this stuff is absolutely amazing, wow man, great paintjob, but for tabletop stuff where I've had the chance to work I think it does the job. Still struggling to get good photos. Here are the Ebay links if anyone is interested...

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